National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc.


Henry Ballard Music Department

The National Music Chairperson coordinates the songs and rehearsals of the National Mass Choir. The Henry Ballard Mass Choir presents a concert on Monday evening of the National Convention and renders musical selections during various programs at the seat of the convention.
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William H. Davis Honor Club Department 

The purpose of the William H. Davis Honor Club is to: Perpetuate the name of William H. Davis who served as National President from 1920 to 1940 and served the National organization for over 25 years; Give honor to all ushers (officers or laymen) who have attended and served the National for 15 years or more; Encourage growth in the National by giving honor to those who are increasing units in their states, and those who are bringing in new states; Recognize ushers’ contributions to their church and community. There are two medals of honor—the Medal of Honor awarded based on a point system and the Honorary Medal Candidate. These medals will be presented to the most outstanding Usher for having made the greatest contribution to the growth of the National during a period of years or during the year.

Donna A. Hines Information Technology & Marketing
Strategies Committee

Established in 2010, by the 20th National President, Filmore F. Gregory, the purpose of this committee is to embrace ongoing technological changes in support of NUCUAA missions and goals. In addition, it works jointly with the National Public Relations Department to provide advanced technical and professional marketing tools and strategies for increased name recognition among our members and the community at-large. This committee serves as an arm of the National Board of Directors.

Alma C. Hawkins Public Relations Department

The Alma C. Hawkins Public Relations Department works jointly with the Donna A. Hines Information Technology & Marketing Strategies Team to ensure that the programs and activities of the National Organization and its Annual Convention receive media attention. During the week of the Convention’s activities, the Alma C. Hawkins Public Relations Department remains available to welcome Delegates and guests. Members of the Alma C. Hawkins Public Relations Department can be identified by their Navy Blue Blazers over the Ushers’ uniform.

Memorial Committee

The Memorial Committee conducts a Memorial Service in honor and recognition of our deceased ushers.

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