A Glimpse of the Young Adult Department

Alberta Jones
First Young Adult President

Antoinette A.  Guerrero
26th Young Adult President




It all started in the year 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts.  The National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc. (NUCUAA) previously held all meetings in churches, but in 1967 started holding their meetings in the hotel.  This was a first for the organization.  The convention was held July 23-29, 1967, at the Boston Hilton Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.  The organization consisted of the two (2) departments: the Senior and Junior and Young People.  At the end of the meeting in Boston, another first was also started under the great leadership of the late President Leroy Johnson from the state of California.  It was the birth of the Young Adult Department.  The first president was Alberta Jones from New York.

There were young adults representation from a few states, President Jones' first order of business was to encourage the Young Adults to go back to their respective states and organize a Young Adult Department; and they would meet on a trial basis in Chicago, Illinois in 1968 for their first annual session.

The Young Adults did meet in Chicago in 1968.  A full slate of officers were elected.  The first meeting also consisted of a recommendation for a Ways and Means Project to raise money for the department.  Since the state of California already had a Young Adult Department, they were very helpful during the implementation stages in both the organizing meeting in 1967 and the first meeting in 1968.

In 1969, the National Convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  More states came into the department.  Doris Gilton of California was selected by Counselor Lubertha O. Hill to speak on behalf of the National Young Adult Department. We were blessed to have had Harry Daniels, Senior Second Vice President from the state of Ohio to be presiding at the time because Vice President Daniels carried the motion to make the Young Adult Department an official part of the National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc.  This happened at the  most befitting time and place because Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is where the national was organized by Elijah Hamilton.

Leroy Johnson passed August 16, 1969.  The Young Adults will long remember the kindness and devotion to putting this Department in effect.  He saw the dream of a new era and was willing to give them a chance.  The flight was a tough one, however, the Young Adults won and the late President Leroy Johnson had much to do with that.

Requirements: The individual must be a member of his/her church usher board, local and state.  Age 21 - 35



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