Ruth I. Jones
National President


   Melinda H. Wilkins     
Chairman, Board of Directors

Willie J. Minnifield
    President Emeritus



Vice Presidential Staff:   


Charles J. Brown
First Vice President
Eastern Region Director 

Dr. Linda B. Pates
ond Vice President
Southern Region Director 

Darlene Anderson
Third Vice President
Central Region Director

 Pamela R. Farley
Fourth Vice President
Western Region Director


Board of Directors:   

  Sadie Boles
Vice Chairman
Selena Roberson        Secretary

John D. Farrior

Louis Parker
  Travis Harden

Donna A. Hines 
Ozie Roddy Willis Warren
  George Merida  

Finance Staff:

  Roslyn Moore
Financial Secretary

George L. Jones, Jr.  
Assistant Financial

    Angela Allgood

Other  Officers:

  Kenya J. Harris
Recording Secretary
Lesa D. Young
Assistant Recording Secretary
Patrice Coleman


  Nominating Committee:      

Eastern Region
Annie Perry
Jeannette S. Riddick

Sharon Stewart 

Central Region
Shirley Mukes, Chairman
Jimmie Chambers 

Shirley Sisson-Davis

Southern Region
Rosemary Stevens, Secretary
Lily Richardson
Curtiss Hester, Chaplain

Western Region
Vonice Bassett, Vice Chairman 
Edith Jackson-Norris
Billye R. Woodle

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