For Information regarding the 2020 National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc. Convention
please contact Melinda H. Wilkins, Chairman, Board of Directors 

301-385-0709    melinda.wilkins3@verizon.net 

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Charles J. Brown
Eastern Regional Director

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63rd Annual Eastern Region Conference
Friday, October 16 - Saturday, 17, 2020
Doubletree Hotel Downtown
700 N. King Street
Wilmington, DE  19801


                Sister Linda Parker (MD)         Sister Darleissa Robertson (DE)
                Sister Ramona Rogers (MA)   Sister Dolores Wallace (DC)

                                                Sister Eunice Wise (DC)

                                      Charles J. Brown, Director
                                  Jessie M. Cole, Assistant Director
                               Jamal Frayer, Young Adult Director
                  Jordan Paige, Junior and Young People's Director
                                  Carol Norman, Conference Planner

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