Young Adult Officers





 Tamara Larmond, Young Adult President

  Johnathan A. Dew, Chairman, Board of Directors

Dorothy Lusk, Counselor
  Frieda Y. Alston, Co-Counselor



Elected and Appointed Officers


Christie Cooper
First Vice President
Eastern Region

Arthur Gass, Jr.
Second Vice President
Central Region

Rev. Travis Harden
Third Vice President
Southern Region

Ruth Williams
Fourth Vice President
Western Region

Jasmine Savage
Recording Secretary

Brenna Arnold
Assistant  Recording Secretary

 Zacchaerus Branch
Financial Secretary

Antoinette Bethune
Assistant Financial Secretary

Rev. Johnn Taylor
Kevick Hill-Smith
Peter Francisco
Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms
Latasha Nicholson
Vice Chairman, Board of Directors
Christy Justice
Board Member
Willie Granderson
Board Member
Christina Jones
Board Secretary
Jessica Norfleet
Corresponding Secretary

Rev. John Taylor

Christy Justice
Health Unit

Rinita Hutchinson
Arthur Gass
School of Ushering

Breanna Arnold 

Karisse Carmack
Nominating Committee
Eastern Region

Megan Francisco
Nominating Committee
Southern Region
Nominating Committee

Karisse Carmack

Kevick Hill-Smith
Special Project


Karisse Carmack

Sydney Johnson



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